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About Our Artisan Chocolates

Where else can I find your chocolates?

We bring in our chocolates exclusively and distribute them through our amazing partners.

Apart from our online shop and our regular pop up stalls (follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know!), you can find our chocolates:

In stores

Naiise stores
Paddy Hillls cafe
The Moon
The Social Space

You keep saying ‘Artisan’. What’s the big deal with artisan chocolates?

We’ll be upfront with you. Someone saying their chocolate is artisan can mean a lot or completely nothing at all.

Here are 8 reasons why OUR artisan chocolates are superior to any mass market chocolates you can find in Singapore:

  1. Ethical. Our chocolates are ethical and not a result of human exploitation
  2. No vegetable oil. Know that unpleasant stuck-in-your-throat feeling when you eat ‘chocolates’? That’s mostly due to cheap vegetable oils used to fill the chocolates. Our chocolates do not use vegetable oil fillers.
  3. Sustainable. Our chocolates are made from sustainable cocoa
  4. Not just sugar. Our chocolates are not stuffed with sugar to reduce manufacturing costs.
  5. Handmade with a personal connection.
    • Our chocolates are handmade with a personal connection to you, the eater.
    • For example, the Monsieur Truffe Honeycomb and Caramel specks so highly rated by our customers is made in-house by hand
  6. Premium Cocoa.
  7. Exclusivity.
    • Our chocolates, by its artisan nature, are produced in smaller batches than mass market chocolates. It is rare and exclusive.
  8. Unique.
    • Our chocolates can be more experimental. Experienced a cinnamon infused, melt-on-your-tongue chocolate confection before?
    • Our artisans do not cater to the taste buds of the masses. Read more here.
Ethics in chocolates. What is your stand and are your chocolates ethical?

You may already know this but your supermarket chocolates are VERY cheap. How can they be so cheap? Well, some would argue that such chocolates are a result of child labour and human exploitation bordering on modern day slavery

We believe in paying for a fair price for cocoa. Our chocolate makers do too. That is why they create Fairtrade, direct cocoa, ethical chocolates.

Are your chocolates healthy? I keep hearing chocolates are good for you!

You probably heard how dark chocolates are good for you – how it is high in antioxidants and nutrition. Here are 3 recent claims:

  • Lowered risk for coronary heart diseases
    • A study conducted by America’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute concluded that “chocolate consumption is inversely associated with prevalent coronary heart disease”
    • Source:
  • Lower Body Mass Index
    • Yes. Lower BMI. Researchers found a correlation between EATING chocolates and a lower BMI in a 2012 study. No. Wait. No. They found a correlation between eating chocolates FREQUENTLY and a lower BMI. So eat chocolates FREQUENTLY!
    • This is not a quack study. 1018 participants studied at the University of California, San Diego.
  • Induce better moods
    • Possibly the most important reason to eat chocolates – this 2013 Australian study found significant increases in calmness and contentedness due to chocolate consumption. This finding, the researchers say, “provides a rationale for exploring whether cocoa polyphenols can ameliorate the symptoms associated with clinical anxiety or depression”
    • Source:
  • Read our blog for more on chocolate and health
  • Now… who wants some heart, waist, memory, blood flow and blood pressure friendly chocolates?
Can I have personalised artisan chocolates?

Got a special event (e.g., Your Wedding/A Corporate event/Secret Santa etc.) and would like one-of-a-kind artisan chocolates? Sure! We love to help. Talk to us. Bulk discounts may apply!

Can I get a discount if I am buying a large order?

Sure, we would love to hear from you. Talk to us.

General Questions about Chocolates

Is it cacao, cocoa or... coca?!

The simple answer is cacao and cocoa is the same thing. Coca is something else altogether. You can discover that yourself. See our blog post on this

How to eat chocolates?

Exactly like how you used to do it: get chocolate out of packaging, eat, and store remainder.

It may be artisan chocolates but we believe that you shouldn’t have to read a guidebook, adhere to a special time of the day, or get a perfect temperature setting to enjoy a good ol’ chocolate.

For those who are a little blue-blooded, read our blog post on how to eat chocolate like the pros.

What is dark chocolate and what is milk chocolate… and what is DARK MILK chocolate?!

Dark chocolate describes chocolate that have a high cocoa content – often 70% and more.

Milk chocolate is anything that contains milk.

Dark milk chocolate is a chocolate that has a high cocoa content and contains milk.

I want to learn more about chocolates. I am a lifelong learner

Did you say you are preparing for a PhD in Chocolate Science? Here are some excellent starting resources:

Chocolate: The definitive guide:

Got a specific question? Talk to us!

What is sugar and fat bloom?

Bloom is a white or tannish colour that affects the surfaces of chocolates due to condensation, warm temperature and extended storage.

A sugar bloom is marked by a dull white/tannish surface colour while a fat bloom results in a shiner, greasy colour. Sugar blooms are residual sugar crystals from water vapour evaporation while fat blooms are residual cocoa butter crystals that have recrystallised on the surface of the chocolate.

The taste of the chocolate is not affected and remains safe for consumption.

How should I store chocolates?

Our strong recommendation is to devour our chocolates as soon as possible.

If however, you would like to rationally ration your stock of award-winning, artisan chocolates, we recommend a cool (less than 18 degrees celsius) and dark area away from direct sunlight. Minimise temperature fluctuations.

Dietary Restrictions and Allergen Information

I have dietary restrictions. Which chocolates should I devour?

In every one of the product descriptions, we point out the following ingredients if they are present:

  • Dairy
  • Tree Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • Soya
  • Eggs: None of our chocolates contain eggs