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Chocolate Maker: Monsieur Truffe

We think: Cocoa from Africa chosen and blended purely for taste paired with elegant caramel specks created from scratch makes for an amazing chocolate.

Buy, buy, buy this because of its seductive texture, its perfectly balanced sweetness, and its reserved dark chocolate sophistication.

The earth friendly packaging of this chocolate may present caramel stains


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Product Description

In order to properly taste chocolates, you’re not supposed to chew – an impossible and wholly unreasonable request if you have Monsieur Truffe’s 70% Dark Chocolate with Caramel Specks in your mouth. As with its cousin, the Monsieur Truffe 70% Dark Chocolate with Honeycomb, its fascinating texture demands exploration. Taste a little darker and more reserved than its honeycomb cousin. FInishes cleanly down the throat while leaving a lingering memory in your mouth. Addictive.

  • 80 grams
  • 70% cocoa
  • Made in: Melbourne, Australia
  • May contain traces of nuts

1 review for 70% Dark with Caramel Specks

  1. William Liam


    This has a honeycomb texture which I absolutely love. Cocoa taste is bittersweet but subtle. Perfect for milk chocolate lovers who want a change.

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