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Chocolate Maker: Monsieur Truffe

The BEST honeycomb we've ever eaten. Taste perfectly balance by the sweetness of the honeycomb and the complex bitterness of dark African cocoa. Chameleon texture that changes as it melts. Guaranteed to impress.

Buy this because we haven'’t met a person who has tried this and not loved it.

  • 100 grams
  • 70% cocoa
  • Made in: Melbourne, Australia

The earth friendly packaging of this chocolate may present honeycomb stains


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Product Description

This honeycomb filled dark chocolate is an extraverted, loved-by-all popstar. The honeycomb texture is bewildering as it changes as it dissolves. You will take bites after bites to no avail in order to desperately try to understand its texture. A little sweet. Clean finish. Very addictive.

  • May contain traces of nuts

Additional Information

Weight 100 g

7 reviews for 70% Dark with Honeycomb

  1. Chloe Qiu


    Nice crunchy bite. An unusual salty taste. Texture is quite smooth. Not much aftertaste.

  2. Aiden Ng


    I like this!!! I like the honeycomb-like texture. It makes the chocolate less boring. The aftertaste makes one want more :) the cocoa element is of the right proportion. (Not too dark).

  3. Jayden


    Interesting texture. Unique aftertaste

  4. Ethan Lee


    Wow! Just wow!! 10/10

  5. Elizabeth Leo


    Like it! Very good. Not sweet , Smooth and with crunchy bits. Just nice!

  6. Jimmy Changa
    4 out of 5


    Had this during a holiday in Melbourne. Very delicious! Bring more in!

  7. Jane Sinalot
    5 out of 5


    bought this at the Klarra mid-season sale. OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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