8 Reasons Why Our Artisan Chocolates Are A Little Special

We’ll be upfront with you. Someone saying their chocolate is artisan can mean a lot or nothing at all.

Let us use the most “natural” analogy. If chocolates are denim, artisan chocolates would be selvedge denim while mass market chocolates are well, mass market denim. Stay with us here.

Selvedge DenimBecause selvedge denim involves more work and materials, it is traditionally taken to be a hallmark of higher quality denim.

Just as selvedge denim involves more work, artisan chocolates general requires more manual processes, artistry, and dedication than wholly-mechanised mass market chocolates created by presses of buttons.

Just as there are terrible terrible selvedge denim, there are also terrible terrible artisan chocolates. And just as there are acceptable, even good non-selvedge denim, there can be acceptable, even good mass market chocolates.

However, just as the best selvedge denim will trump any mass market denim, the best artisan chocolates will trump any mass market chocolate any day.

Here are 8 reasons why our artisan chocolates are superior to any mass market chocolates you can find in Singapore

Domantas Uzpalis Chocolate naiveEthical

Our chocolates are ethical and not a result of human exploitation. Our artisans such as Domantas Užpalis, a self-professed chocolate lunatic, considers his suppliers friends and can even name you the name of his vanilla and cacao farmers.

No vegetable oil

Know that unpleasant stuck-in-your-throat feeling when you eat ‘chocolates’? That’s mostly due to cheap vegetable oils, such as Palm Oil, used to fill the chocolates by mass market producers and some ‘artisan’ chocolate makers. Our chocolates do not use vegetable oil fillers.


Cocoa Farmer50 years old. That is the average age of a cocoa farmer in West Africa – a region where life expectancy is 60 years. Youths in tradition cocoa growing regions see no future in cocoa farming where they make US$3 on average per day.

Our artisans are not average. They pay above market rates for their cocoa and where possible, like with Chocolate Naive, they buy their cocoa directly from the farmers and in the process, eliminate an unnecessarily extended chain of middlemen who would otherwise take big cuts into what the farmers make.

Our artisans are committed to sustainable chocolate practices. Our artisan chocolates are sustainable.

Not Just Sugar

Our chocolates are sweet enough. Not stuffed with sugar to reduce manufacturing costs and increase profits.

Caramel ProcessHandmade With a Personal Connection To You
Our chocolates are handmade with a personal connection to you, the eater.

For example, the Monsieur Truffe Honeycomb and Caramel specks so highly rated by our customers is made in-house by hand by Jade – the resident Monsieur Truffe artisan.

Or the large Chocolate Naive bars all individually hand-signed by the maker, Domantas Užpalis

Sack of Cocoa Beans






Premium Cocoa

Our chocolates uses quality cocoa.


Our chocolates, by its artisan nature, are produced in smaller batches than mass market chocolates. It is rare and exclusive. Award-winning maker Chocolate Naive has a limit of 20 tonnes per year while Monsieur Truffe just can’t make even chocolates to supply our customers’ demands!


Our chocolates can be more experimental. Experienced limited edition porcini mushrooms in a dark milk chocolate bar before? Or cordyceps with dark chocolate before? What about cinnamon infused in a thin, melt on your tongue chocolate thin [link to K&W thins page]?

Our artisans do not cater to the taste buds of the masses.

That’s why our artisan chocolates are a little special.

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